Why I prefer ShowBox for PC over Netflix ?

It seems everywhere I look, people are gung ho about Netflix. I don’t mind it, but when everyone seems to think worse of me because I don’t watch my shows on it, it gets aggravating. So I decided to write a short post explaining why I prefer my favorite ShowBox APK on my PC than getting a Netflix subscription.

But first, the preliminaries. ShowBox is an app that allows you to watch movies for free, as well as TV shows, documentaries and more. It is originally meant for Android, and a sister app for iOS exists as well. But for PCs too, the app can be installed using a simple Android Emulator.

Why Netflix cannot match Showbox for PC?


Showbox is Free

Don’t take me to be a cheapskate, coz I’m not. However, I do watch a lot of movies. I pay for the internet, the electricity and for the packets of popcorn I microwave. In face of all this expense, paying for the movie itself is a bit too much. However cheap Netflix plans might be, Showbox beats them all be being free. As for the ads, just install any Ad blocker software you like.

ShowBox for PC has saved me a ton of subscription fees, and all the money I have saved over the years this way can get me a new wardrobe!

ShowBox has more movies at any given time!

ShowBox is different from Netflix in one key aspect; it doesn’t rely on featuring popular movies or TV shows. It does have a “popular” page, but it isn’t in any way central to the layout. So, you are free to surf the library, and it is positively endless in expanse.

Multiple resolutions at your fingertips!

When you want to change the resolution of the content you’re watching in Netflix, you need to go over and change the settings, or access the hidden menu, if at all you know about it. So a lot of users just end up watching pixelated, plain unsightly content. On the other hand, ShowBox lets me choose my prefere resolution, and it is just as simple at tapping on a tab. Even though ShowBox doesn’t have 4k content, I don’t care; I don’t have a crazy internet limit anyway.

Quick and easy to use

Netflix requires you to login into new devices. ShowBox doesn’t. Netflix markets its content to you on the front page. ShowBox just plain lays it bare to your eyes. Netflix offers certain content only in certain countries. But any content on ShowBox is available uniformly to all whoever have the app installed.

Is there any reason I should switch to Netflix? There is none I can find. ShowBox for PC has the added advantage of running on the big screen, so my laptop is just as good as any home theater with my expensive speakers plugged in. Even Netflix cannot get me that! And given that Netflix charges me for entertainment?! I wouldn’t part with a penny for such service!